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Track LIC Policy Status

Most of you must be holding LIC policies to get cover/insured against unforeseen emergencies. Now you can check your LIC Policy Status just with couple of clicks. Tracking LIC policy status will monitor the returns it provides you. A lapsed policy may lead to loss or delay. No need to visit the LIC office to know the status of your policy. You also get the benefit of sending your queries by registering online. The official portal offers the facility of checking LIC premium status online. People often forget to check their life insurance policy status. Updating yourself on your policy helps you to know about the interim bonus and other details. In this article, we will show you different ways to check the status of your LIC policy.

Life Insurance Corporation is the public sector life insurance company. Policy holders can check their LIC policy status by using the policy number. LIC premium status can be checked offline as well online. Policy holders can avail online facilities only after registering at the portal. The complete online procedure of registration is elaborated below. After registration, check every detail regarding your policy and premium status. The official LIC portal is designed to give access to policy holders to their policy related information online.

lic policy status online

How to Check Online LIC Policy Status

First of all, you need to register yourself at the site online. Users already registered can login using the ‘registered user tab’. Follow the simple steps at the official site of LIC. The direct live link is shared here:

Registration Procedure for New Users

  1. Here is the link for LIC policy status:
  2. Click on LIC e-services tab.
  3. Click on ‘New User’ if you are not registered online.
  4. Fill up details in all the boxes. This includes your policy number, premium amount, mobile number and email id.
  5. Check the box for confirmation of your mobile number.
  6. Click on ‘proceed’ button after filling up all details.
  7. The next page at this stage will allow you to create your own unique user id and password.

lic policy status

Check Policy Status after Registration

  1. After successful registration, be back on the page from where you started.
  2. Use the tab ‘Registered User’ to login.
  3. Login entering your user id and password.
  4. Click on ‘Go’ button to reach the next page.
  5. Click the option ‘Policy Tools’ at the right hand side menu of this page.
  6. Follow the option of ‘View enrolled policies’.
  7. List of all your enrolled life insurance policies will appear there.
  8. Click on the policy number of which you want to view the status.
  9. To know vested bonus information of your LIC policy, click the column of vested bonus.

Select the option ‘Pay Premium Online’ for e-payment of premium. After registration, user can get online information on loans, revival, due premiums, policy calendars etc.

Other important documents status to know

How to Know LIC Policy Status By Phone / SMS

If you want to check LIC policy status without internet, note down the below number. Or send SMS as shown under:

  • Dial 1251 anytime to know LIC policy status. (The facility is available only in selected cities).
  • Send an SMS to 56767877 as: ASKLIC <your policy number> DESIRED CODE

The desired code indicates what information you are seeking regarding your LIC policy. We have given here the codes for different information.

Information Desired code to be mentioned in SMS


To know premium amount PREMIUM
To know the revival amount of lapsed policy REVIVAL
To know the vested bonus BONUS
For knowing nomination details of your policy NOM

A large number of people are holding single or multiple LIC policies. A more comprehensive list of customer care centers are available in case if you want to speak to their customer care executive.  LIC policy status is important to know for policy holders. It keeps you updated of all details on your policy and premiums. Life is simplified for lakhs of policyholders due to online facilities. Customers don’t need to visit LIC policy to pay premiums. Though, largely overlooked, LIC status is a significant way to monitor your policies. This information is worth sharing with your friends, colleagues and relatives.

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  1. Plese give me reply now what is the loyalty addission in Jevan saral policy i have this policy since last five years

  2. Sir,
    I have not received the original policy document for policy no. 7063XXXXX taken on March’2012 at Tiruvanmiyur branch, Chennai, Tamilnadu. On enquiry They say it is untraceable and I should apply for duplicate for which I have to run around for no fault of mine. Please help me in getting the duplicate if not the original without hassles. Thanking you,
    Mrs. Jayaraman.

  3. My agent to give me receipt for child plan policy ? I need to drop this policy? My Mo no. 9408536770 ? The policy no. Are 199383612 tabal no.102-18 premium Rs.5274, date of maturity 27/11/2032 policy No. 199383613 table No.102-20 premium 4668 , date of maturity 27/11/2032 branch no. 19B Dausa, Rajasthan

  4. mi kahi reason aslyamul ky maze bakiche Hafte bharu shklo nhi …ao yawr jrr kahi Paryay asel trr pls …..Tell me contact no….8796920704……… Mazi polici madhe bharleli amount…tri mla parat milavi….pls…..received my Payment……..

  5. DEAR

  6. Sir
    I want check my LIC policy number my name hameed husain my father name is ansari my date of birth 05/05/1987 please check my policy number my contact number +917397607474

  7. How check my Lic policy deteal. Which bebsite this policy check. This site is in not available any information and any portal

  8. Last 15 days I want check my LIC amount and due date of LIC but it’s not shown any where. So please tell me how I chek.

  9. sir iam agent from code no.13999 my two policies commission has stopped last two months.these polices are 504732081,504732079.plz my commission detail send and solve.thanks

  10. please give me policy details,my policy number policy name not clear in my bond.i want to know my policy full details .and my surname is spelling is wrong in the bond .how can i correct this.

  11. I want to know hiw many premum pending and I want to add my bew cell bo in policy b`cose u have lost my old cell no ny new no is 9621610663 policy no 219018323 pravesh kishor lucknow

  12. I have taken my lic policy in past for 25 year time was matyrred before two years. today i have received a phone to know how i have taken the policy. who is agent whether he is relative or lic agent. he knows my birthday guide me what to do.

  13. I have paid Rs.3870 for the policy No.656349122 on 01.03.2017 in sbi net banking. The transaction was successful. But until today I do not get receipt copy in email. So suggest me in getting on line payment receipt in email.

  14. please send me mail my lic pending premium details

    please send me mail / send me sms my mobile 9833628662



  15. I want to know my policy status for policy now. 1) 463240506; 2) 467335579; 3) 449669392; 4) 449670829; 5) 449670830; 6) 487931473; 7) 487931474; 8) 998586359

  16. my policy no 833970745 is due for getting monthly pension instalment on 26-3-2017 but no instalment received in my given bank account.

  17. my policy was closed in 2004 and now i want to restart this policy please tell me what can i do .
    i debited only two premium of 5380

  18. Hi, I forgot my lic login details. I wanted to check my policy details & status and wanted to have new user id & password for further use.
    policy number: 757349496. Mobile number: 9677183059

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