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Check MNP status online for your mobile number. Mobile number portability helps us in keeping the same number even in the case of changing an operator. We can keep the same number in any state of India. It allows us to switch to any operator without the hassle of changing our number. This post shows you how to check the status of the port request. Due to the very large number of mobile users, the Department of Telecom divides states into two zones. While zone 1 covers Northern and Western states. The Zone 2 covers Southern and Eastern states of India. We have shown here how to check mobile number portability status in different zones.

MNP is a feature which enables us to change the operators without changing our mobile number. If you have applied for the mobile number portability, check the MNP status here. We have provided the online place and procedure to check it. It is a simple online process which takes few minutes. offers many simple ways to check online status of various applications. This post elaborates ways of checking online mobile number portability status.

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Procedure to Check Online MNP Status

Learn how to check MNP status at the official website of MNP Interconnection Telecom Solutions India Pvt Ltd is also known as MITS. It is a 100% subsidiary of the United States-based Telcordia. MITS is based in Gurgaon and has been awarded the licence by the Department of Telecommunications, India to operate and set up the Mobile number Portability service in the zone 2.

  1. To check MNP status, you need your mobile number. Also, need your UPC code to check the mobile number portability.
  2. Click this website for MNP status check:
  3. Click the third option in the top menu bar i.e. “Know your Portability Status”
  4. A new page will appear with few fields.
  5. Enter your mobile number and UPC code number of the mobile.
  6. Re-enter the UPC code carefully once again.
  7. Enter the captcha code in numerals and click ‘submit’.

The status of your portability request will appear on the screen. The data for MNP status update for the last 15 days is shown on this site.


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Airtel MNP Status

Airtel users can also check MNP status directly at the website of the Airtel. If you have changed your city and want the same airtel number, use this information.

National mobile number portability is available on Airtel. Even if you change your city or state, you don’t need to change your number. You can apply for mobile portability by using the above online facility of Airtel.

You can also move to Airtel from another network provider while retaining the same number.

Vodafone MNP Status

Users can also switch to Vodafone number without changing your mobile number. Visit the official site of the Vodafone for online porting.

Alternatively, use the porting procedure and follow it to switch to Vodafone under MNP facility. For more information, visit any nearest Vodafone store and get assistance. Submit your number, UPC code and porting form. You will also require the documents as mentioned further in the porting procedure.

How to Port Mobile Number| Porting Procedure

A step-wise procedure is explained here to know how to port. The subscribers should follow this porting procedure to retain number but to change operator.

  1. Contact the new provider to whom you want to switch. You may contact by visiting the nearest store. Or send an SMS “Port <space> your mobile number” to 1900. You will get the CAF form i.e. Customer Acquisition Form.
  2. Also, get the porting form.
  3. If you are eligible for porting, you will receive the Unique Porting Code.
  4. Fill up and submit the CAF form and the Porting Form.
  5. Submit the filled up forms with necessary proof of identification to the new service provider.
  6. If your number is post-paid, you need to submit a copy of the last bill.

You will get a SIM card from the new service provider after the submission. The service provider may charge nominal fees as porting charges. You also have an option of withdrawing your porting request in 24 hours. After submitting porting request, you will receive the time and date of porting from your new network provider.

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You may check your MNP status as shown in this post in the case of delay. The porting will be done on the 7th or 8th working day. It takes 15 working days in Jammu and Kashmir and North Eastern states. Your mobile number may remain inactive for 4-5 hours during the night during the process of porting. After the porting is done, replace your old SIM card with the new one provided by the new network provider. Make sure you replace your SIM after the specified date and time of porting. For more information on MNP, you can refer the official websites of the new service provider. You might also be interested in knowing your EPF balance status online.

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  1. i am an old prepaid subscriber of reliance mdn 9310186868 .i am trying to port out as company is discontinuing services but i am my number not getting mnp upc give different errors and says to try later.i tried calling customer care also but in vain .so it is requested to help me and get the port code generated immiedately so i can port out ,

    kindly provide other senior persons mail addresses and contact no. also so i can escalate the complaint,

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