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Passport is an important document for everyone. In case, if you have recently applied for the passport then we have provided a detailed guide to check passport status. With all the tips and guidelines for passport status, the process will be much simpler for applicants. We have also uploaded procedures to check PAN card and aadhar card application status. offers you guidelines to track status of significant applications and documents. Here, we will take you to the right official place to check your passport status. You will know the current status of your passport just in few clicks. The official website of passport seva offers unlimited online facilities for applicants. Passport application is highly convenient and rapid than before.

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Besides helping you to track your passport, we have tried to solve most of your queries related to passport status. Tracking passport status is useful for all applicants who are waiting to receive their passports. It will save your time if your application is delayed due to any discrepancy. Check out the details below to check passport status at a proper time. We have also shared ways of checking the position of passport without the internet. Just follow the given procedure and know when you can expect to get your passport. The basic requirement to check the status of passport is the 15 digit file number. You will get it from the acknowledgement generated after application submission. If you are a nonimmigrant applicant, you may check your DS-160 and visa application status online

Check Online Passport Status at Passport Seva Portal

Start tracking your passport application status after minimum 5 working days from the date of submission of documents. Step by step procedure is provided for your best understanding:

  1. Visit passport seva
  2. Select application type as passport/PCC/IC.
  3. Provide your 15 digit passport application file number and date of birth.
  4. Select the date of birth. It should be same as you have mentioned in the application.
  5. Hit the ‘track status’ button.

Now you will see the status of your passport on the screen. The status messages on the screen will clearly indicate the process of your application. The best advantage of tracking passport status is that it informs you the reason of delay and discrepancies. It will also indicate if any additional documents are required. Also, refer our site to check voter id status and uidai status.

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Passport Application Status without Internet [offline modes]

No internet access doesn’t mean it is difficult to know your passport status. Find the convenient and simple ways of tracking passport status through SMS and phone calls.

How to Get Passport Status by Sending SMS

Get an update of your application on your cell phone by sending sms to below-mentioned number.

Send SMS to: 970 4100 100 as under

STATUS <your 15 digit file number>

You will receive the status of your passport in few minutes on your mobile number.

However, online passport status is the real time update and most popular mode among applicants. A more comprehensive information is available at ipassportstatus India website.

Passport Tracking by Phone Call / SMS Service

At the time of application, select the SMS service in the form. If you fail to do this, you can also enroll for passport alert sms service after application. You will find ‘Enroll for SMS Service’ under the service head after login at

Alternatively, call the passport seva kendra or regional passport office where you submitted your application. You can also the national call center on 1800 258 1800.

Tracking passport online and offline is quite simple. You just need to preserve your file number. Keep it handy before you start you check passport status online. The procedure given above also apply for tracking duplicate passport and passport renewal. Passport is an essential travel document as well proof of identity. It takes quite many days to receive passport. Sometimes, it might get delayed due to some discrepancies in submitted documents. After the recent update, one can go for police inquiry after receiving the passport. If you are unaware of this law, then you can make a note of it. Our aim is to make every process very simpler for you. Hence, we have published a procedure to track passport application status. Status check will help you to avoid delays in the issue of passport. Also we shared how to update Aadhar card status online. All applicants will be benefiting from this information. Follow to know more government ID status and updates.

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