PF Status Check: Best Way to Check EPF Status Online

PF Status Online

Do you want to check your PF status? Check here in couples of minutes and know the current status of your EPF account. EPFO has gone through tremendous improvements with regard to digitalization. A lot of facilities are now available online. As an employee, you have a greater control over your PF account. Hence, we help you to get familiarise with the digital facilities of EPFO website. We have shared here quickest ways to check your PF balance status using the internet. Ways to check EPF balance status without the internet are also shared here. The provident fund account status can be checked from anywhere with these facilities. Gostatus has provided all the necessary information to check PF status online and on mobile.

EPFO has also launched UAN portal and mobile apps to help employees. You will learn to stay updated on current balance, contributions, and settlement of your PF claims. You do not need to fill up the manual form and stand in a queue at the EPFO office. Just a couple of clicks on your mobile or PC and you will know the PF status instantly. Check out these top easiest ways to check PF balance status.

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Best Ways to Know EPF Status Online/Offline

Here are different offline and online ways to check your EPFO balance status:

Online PF status at (without UAN)

Here is the link to visit the official EPFO site:

See the link at the bottom of the page saying “click here to know your PF Balance”. Click the link and you will get a new window for Member Balance Information. Now follow these steps in sequence:

  1. Select your state from the drop-down menu.
  2. Also, select the establishment code and EPFO office from the lists given on the screen.
  3. Now fill up your EPF account number. Fill up your name and your mobile number.
  4. The EPF no. format goes like GJ/AHD/XXXXXXX/XXX/XXXXXXX. The first two codes stand for state and EPFO office. If your PF account number does not have the three digits, you can leave that part blank.
  5. Click on ‘submit’ button after filling up all the details.
  6. Within few seconds, you will get an SMS on your mobile with your current PF status. It will show the balance in your EPF account.

This is the best way to check your EPF balance status through

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Know PF Balance Status By SMS

If you do not have an access, you can still know the PF balance just by sending an SMS. Make sure that you send SMS from your UAN registered mobile number. Send below SMS to 738299899.


If you want to know your PF balance in Hindi, type HIN instead of ENG. Similarly, change the first three alphabets for the language code and get reply accordingly. You can receive SMS for PF status in different regional languages like Gujarat, Tamil, Punjabi etc..

Online EPF Balance Status using UAN Number

Almost all the employees are now aware of UAN. To know your PF balance using UAN number, first of all, activate your UAN registration at the UAN portal. Below is the link for the official UAN portal.

After activating your UAN number, you can login this site. Login and check your PF balance here. You require your UAN number for login.

Now you can proceed with the PF status inquiry at the UAN portal. If your UAN is already activated, just login and proceed. You can get your UAN number from your employer. Once you know your UAN number and activate it at the UAN portal, you can check your PF status without entering your PF account number.

pf status online

Know PF Account status with EPFO Missed Call Service

EPFO is increasing the convenience of the employees day by day. Now just give a missed call on the given number and get your PF status.

  • 01122901406

Also note, this number is EPFO toll-free number and will not attract call charges. You will get an SMS in return of your missed call just within few seconds. But again, this facility is available to the employees who have registered their mobile number with UAN.

Tracking PF Balance Status by EPFO Mobile App

You can download the EPFO mobile app for free using the given links. Download the app on your phone and get unlimited PF facilities on the go.

You can check PF status, PF claim status, and UAN status right from your phone. The pensioners can also check their pension disbursement. Avail all facilities of knowing PF status, EPFO claim status and PF balance enquiry with EPFO app on your smartphones. The Mobile EPF app will let you enjoy all facilities related to EPFO claim and pf status free of cost. The EPF Pensioners can see their pension disbursement as well.

EPF Account Status by Downloading EPF Passbook

Well, you can also track PF status from your EPF passbook. The passbook is updated monthly by EPFO with all the details. Learn in details how to know status of PF through passbook.

EPF Passbook at UAN portal for PF Balance Status

If you have already activated your UAN, visit the UAN portal. Login and download EPF passbook. Use the link shared below to reach UAN portal.

The passbook will contain all the details of your PF account. You will immediately know the status of your PF account including monthly contributions and deductions. The final balance is updated on the monthly basis.

EPF Passbook at EPFO Member Portal for PF Status

Do not worry if you have not activated your UAN or have not yet received the UAN number. You can still check the complete PF status through passbook. To get the EPF passbook without UAN number, visit the member portal.

Here is the link:

Register at the portal and create your login id and password. You have to use any of your identity document no. as your login id. The options are aadhar card number, PAN number, passport no. and voter id card no. Additionally, you can also use your ration card no., bank account no., and driving licence no.

After registering, login to the portal using the same identity document number and password. The e-passbook is updated and made available on this portal every month. EPFO also sends you an SMS alert whenever the EPF passbook is updated.

EPFO offers multiple ways to check PF status. All the ways are updated here for benefit of employees. Employees not having UAN can also get this facility online as shown above. However, it is always recommended that you get your UAN number from your employer. Get it activated and enjoy a large number of EPFO facilities. Knowing your EPFO claim status is very important and it helps you while withdrawing and claiming loan from PF account. Also, know how to check PF claim status after claiming for withdrawal.

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